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Educational scientific centre
Continuum Mechanics


Educational scientific centre "Continuum Mechanics" was founded in 1997 on the basis of the sub-departments of hydrodynamics, solid mechanics and theoretical mechanics of the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics at Novosibirsk State University (NSU) and Lavrent'ev's Institute of Hydrodynamics of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS) in the frameworks of the project "Novosibirsk scientific educational consortium on training of specialists in priority trends of fundamental research and critical technologies on the basis of NSU and the leading scientific schools of Novosibirsk Scientific Centre (SB RAS)."

The Centre employs academician L.V.Ovsyannikov, corresponding members of RAS P.I.Plotnikov, V.V.Pukhnachev, professors B.D.Annin, V.Yu.Lyapidevsky, V.I.Nalimov, A.M.Khludnev, V.V.Shelukhin, assistant professors V.V.Alekhin, L.V.Bayev, I.A.Kaliev, V.P.Ryabchenko, V.N.Starovoitov, S.V.Sukhinin and others.

The Centre has a computer class equipped with Pentium 200 MMX PCs.

Annually more than 40 students, postgraduates and those studying for their Ph.D. at NSU are provided with a practical course in the centre.

In 1997 the centre conducted training for 40 students, 7 postgraduates and 3 persons aiming at Ph.D. The Department staff together with the students and postgraduates actively participate in carrying out research supported by the grants of Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and other funds.


List of grants of RFBR and other funds supporting the research projects of the department staff, students and postgraduates studying at the sub-departments of hydrodynamics, theoretical mechanics and solid mechanics:


  1. RFBR grant 96-01-01527: Rational design of the layered composite materials and elements of constructions. The head - professor Annin B.D.
  2. RFBR grant 95-01-00859: Wave formation, disintegration of free boundaries, the propagation of strong breaks in liquids. The head - professor Teshukov V.M.
  3. RFBR grant 96-01-01524: Theoretical analyses of Navier-Stokes model for multidimensional flows of compressed liquid. The head - professor Monakhov V.N.