www server of BPM center (Russian)

Educational and scientific center
Basic problems of mathematics
at the Mechanics and Mathematics Department of NSU

(Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia)
Please contact: tel. (383) 333-37-88 - Dementev Vladimir Tikhonovich,

The Center was founded as the result of joint efforts of Novosibirsk State University and Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences in the frameworks of Novosibirsk scientific educational consortium on the training of specialists in priority trends of fundamental research and critical technologies with the financial support of the special federal program "Integration of science and education" on the basis of leading scintific schools of Novosibirsk Scientific Center (SB RAS) in the field of mathematics.
The Center aims at the improvement of fundamental training of specialists at the chairs of MMD NSU during the period of scientific practical training for students as well as research training for Masters and post-graduates. It'll be achieved as the result of their taking part in fundamental research on main trends of scientific investigations of the chairs and Institutes-founders; as the result of them being able to use modern powerful computers and modern information technologies as well as abilities of world wide web through Internet.