valid for 2001-2002

The department admits its own graduates and the graduates of other departments of NSU holding Bachelor's degree as well as graduates from other institutes, colleges or universities holding equivalent degree after interview at one of the chairs of the department.

All applicants must submit the application form and a written recommendation from a proposed supervisor to the dean's office. A qualifying written entry examination required of any applicant is held in the mid-June.

The number of places accounts up to 50% of the Bachelor's degree graduates of the department. In 2001 this number is expected to be 30. Admission is by the results of the written entry examination. The Masters are usually assigned a scholarship and provided with dormitory accommodation (as far as possible).

The applicants having passed the entry exam but having a low score may enter the Master's course at the Department providing paying fee or signing a contract with the research institutes of SB RAS. The fee is 1500 rel. units per year without possibilities to study free in the future. According to the concluded treaty about requiring payment education, the deadline for paying fee is September 1 of the proposed year of studying. The fee can be paid cash or transferred to the bank account by either a student or a sponsor organization. Masters paying for their studying don't get a scholarship unless specified in the treaty. Dormitory payment is submitted separately.

Applications from overseas students are welcomed (the fees are subject to specify).

The program of entrance examinations and versions of the previous years can be taken on (in the LaTex format, in Russian).