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Sergei S. Goncharov
Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Professor, dean of the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics
of Novosibirsk State University, deputy director of  the Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Informatics, head of the laboratory of Institute of Mathematics of SB RAS
Phone: (007 383) 333-28-94, 330-20-08, 330-07-12
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Autobiographical information

Sergei S. Goncharov was born on 24 September, 1951 in Novosibirsk.


1973- graduated with honours from the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Novosibirsk State University (NSU).
1974- defended thesis for kandidatskaya degree
1976- won Lenin Komsomol Prize on science and technology for a series of works on constructive Boolean Algebras.
1977- became an associated professor at NSU.
1981- defended thesis for doctorskaya degree.
1982- was awarded with a Silver badge of Algebra and Logic Seminar for research activity.
1983- won Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Prize for establishing the theory of semantic programming in cooperation with academician Yu. L. Ershov and doctor of physical and mathematical sciences D. I. Sviridenko.
1985- became a professor at NSU.
1991- became an elector at Russian Academy of Sciences.
1993- was elected to be a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Higher School.
1995- was elected to be a full member of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher School.
1997- was elected to be a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
1997 - Mal'sev prize of Russian Academy of Sciences.
2002 - was elected to be a member of the European Academy of Sciences  


1968 - 1973- a student of the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics (NSU).
1973 - present - worked as a research probationer, junior research worker, senior research worker and since1992 - the head of a laboratory at the Institute of Mathematics (Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences).
1973 - present - assistant, assistant professor, since 1983 professor of the chair of Algebra and Logic at NSU; had been the executive secretary of the selection committee at NSU for 3 years; 1986-1988 - the chairman of the examining board on mathematics (NSU); since1993 - a scientific supervisor of the Regional Centre of New Informatical Technologies.
1991 - present- deputy director of  the Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Informatics.
1992 - present- the head of a department at Physical Mathematical School (NSU).
February, 1996 - present- the dean of the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics (NSU).


S.S.Goncharov is a famous specialist in the field of the theory of algorithms, the theory of models, algebra and their applications in informatics. He has contributed significantly to various aspects of algebra, logic and informatics having obtained outstanding results making him internationally recognized. He has published more than 100 research works among which are 2 textbooks "Lectures in model theory" and "Introduction to the logic and methodology of science" (in cooperation with Yu.L.Ershov and K.F.Samokhvalov),  monographs: "Countable Boolean Algebras" (1988) and "Countable Boolean Algebras and decidability" (1996, English edition - 1997), "Constructive Models" (1999, in cooperation with Yu.L.Ershov), Handbook of recursive mathematics (1999, editor  in cooperation with Yu.L.Ershov, A.Nerode, J.Remmel, V.Marek).
The most important results were gained by S.Goncharov in the theory of algorithms and model theory. He has developed the theory of algorithmical dimensionality based on his own fundamental assumption about the existence of unstable models of finite algorithmical dimensionality. S.Goncharov has elaborated new strong methods of proof of the infinity of algorithmical dimensionality allowing to solve the problem of spectrum characterisation of algorithmical dimensionality for particular classes of models and algebraic systems; different types of reductions and their relationships were also investigated.
Significant contribution was made to the theory of decidable models with establishing the fundamental criterion of the decidability of homogeneous models. He solved the Morley problem and the problem of Peretyat'kin-Denisov on the base of this criterion. He also solved the problem of characterizing the axioms of the classes with strong epimorphisms and homomorphism set up by academician A.I.Mal'tsev in 1961. The theory of constructive Boolean algebras was developed by S.Goncharov as well. Recent works under his supervision include the elaboration of such problems as group structure and their automorphism, subalgebra lattices, enrichment with ideals and subalgebras and many others. S.Goncharov studied nilpotent groups of finite algorithmical dimensionality and arrived at characterization of autostability of finite-rank nilpotent groups without torsion, Abel r-groups. In the field of the classical theory of algorithms he contributed fundamentally to the theory of computable enumerations; he developed a new method of constructing computable enumerations enabling to solve a series of problems about the number of Friedburg enumerations and about families with only positive as well as many others. In cooperation with American scientists R.Soare, P.Cholak and B.Khusainov, S.Goncharov obtained the solution of the old problem about autostability of finite constant enrichments of autostable models in 1995; together with B.Khusainov they solved the problem of 2-element spectrum with recursive ’-rank; together with S.Badaev they solved the problem about the family with one-element Rogers semilattice with an untrivial embedding in 1996; he also solved the problem of existence of very constructive homogeneous extensions in 1996; and in cooperation with an Italian logician A.Sorbi he investigated Rogers semilattice of computable enumerations of arithmetic sets.
S.Goncharov also actively participates in organization and evaluation of research as a member of Scientific Councils. He gives much attention to supervising his disciples.
Among them there are 23 candidates and 7 doctors of science. Some of them were awarded with medals and prizes and hold academic positions. His followers work at Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk State University, other colleges of Russia and CIN, as well as in the USA, Australia, New Zeland, Sweden.
S.Goncharov repeatedly visits universities of the USA, Australia, Iran, Italy and other countries giving lectures and participating in research programs. He was the head of scientific groups working on the problems supported by well-known Russian and international funds (grants by the Russian Fund for Fundamental Research, PECO etc.) S.Goncharov was invited with plenary papers to many Russian and international conferences. Only in 1996 he participated in international conferences in Germany and Spain,in a seminar honoring A.Kurosh and a UNESCO congress. In 1997 he was invited as a plenary speaker to a Logic Colloquium in Lids (UK). S.Goncharov was a member of program committees of many all-union and international conferences. In 1997 he was a co-chairman of the International Conference on recursion theory in Kazan and a member of the program committee of LFCS-97.


During his life S.Goncharov actively participated in public activities as the chairman of the Regional Council of Scientific Youth and the chairman of the Council of Scientific Youth in the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, a candidate-member of the Central Committee of Komsomol, a member of Academic Councils of the Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk State University, Physical Mathematical School at NSU, the chairman of the Academic Council of the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics (NSU), a member of Specialized Scientific Councils (NSU,IM, Computer Center). He is a member of editorial boards of Siberian Mathematical Journal, Siberian Advances in Mathematics, books of collected articles "Computational Systems" and "Problems of specialized education"; he is also an associate editor of journal Algebra and Logic and a series of monographs "Siberian School of Algebra and Logic". He is a vice-chairman of Siberian Fund of Algebra and Logic as well.

INTERESTS: tennis, Russian baths (banya), grandchildren.

FAMILY: married, has two daughters, a grandson and a granddaughter.
His wife - Goncharova Lyubov N. She is a doctor (paediatric).
His elder daughter Natal'ya was born in 1971, graduated from the Humanities Department of NSU and was  a postgraduate student of the Institute of  Anthropology of RAS Now  she has PhD degree. She is married and has 3 children: Lisa, Alexei and Vasilii.
His younger daughter Anna was born in 1978 and  was graduated from of the Economic and Psychology Departments (NSU). She is married and has  son - Timofei.