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Mechanics and Mathematics Department

Computational Mathematics

  History and general information

Kantorovich Leonid Vitaliyevich, a distinguished scientist in functional analysis and optimization theory and 
a Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

Marchuk Gurii Ivanovich
1972 - 1980 

1980 Professor Mihailov Guennadii Alekseevich,
a renowned specialist 
in Monte Carlo methods
The Chair was founded at the beginning of the 1960s by Academician L.V.Kantorovich, an outstanding mathematician and a Nobel Prize Winner in Economics. Academician G.I.Marchuk held the Chair from 1972 to 1980 up to his leaving Novosibirsk for Moscow to head the USSR Government Committee for Science and Technology and later for the presidency in the USSR Academy of Sciences. During that period the Chair was finally reformed; the main areas of its educational activities were determined; and the programs of all compulsory and optional courses were worked out. From 1980 the chair is headed by Professor G.A.Mikhailov, a renowned specialist in Monte Carlo methods and a Lenin and State Prize Winner.

    At first, the Chair supports the basic education in the numerical methods at the mathematical department of the University. The compulsory courses cover the following areas of computational mathematics:
- numerical methods of linear algebra
- numerical analysis (interpolation, numerical differentiation and    integration, Runge-Kutta schemes, stiff systems, Newton-Kantorovich methods, etc.)
- finite difference and finite element methods for partial differential equations
- numerical methods for integral equations.

    Together with these theoretical courses, the Chair supervises computer practice for three years in the applied numerical software context.

    Most professors and tutors on the staff of the Chair are simultaneously scientific researchers of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The main institution for the Chair is the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics RAS. Most members of the staff have scientific degrees. These circumstances make a good environment for high quality education and opportunities for students to participate in up-to-date scientific projects and industrial developments.

    For the students with keen interest in numerical methods for their specialization and future job and also for post graduates from Siberia, Far East and Middle East Asia, our Chair offers a wide range of optional courses. The list of these courses varies slowly from year to year.

    For the recent thirty years more then 700 specialists in the numerical mathematics were prepared by the Chair for all regions of the USSR, especially for scientific centers, universities, and industrial research institutes. Our graduates and former university colleagues have occupy the leading scientific positions of various institutions and firms. Moreover, hundreds of specialists from various Russian cities acquire requalification at the special department of the University, and this area is the second major activity of the Chair.


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