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40th anniversary of the Mathematics Department

Dear friends,

On June 16, 2001 it will be 40 years since the Mathematics Department was founded. 40 years - it is not a very long history for a department but it is not short either. As the alumni believe, in addition to good knowledge in mathematics, this school gave them a new way of thinking that enabled them to show their worth not only in science but in business and industry as well.
More than 7000 students have graduated from our department for these 40 years; they are living in all parts of the world now. Many of them are successful in science and other spheres. At present children of alumni carry on the glorious traditions of the Mathematics Department and attend lectures of the same professors. On this splendid day, we want to congratulate our professors and staff members who have made so much for our department, to call to memory the history of the department and merely to gather all generations of the Mathematics Department of our University together.

The reception celebrating the 40th anniversary the Mathematics Department will be held on Monday, July 2 in "Dom Uchenykh".

Welcome to Data Base of MMD graduates


14.00 - Registration in the foyer of the concert hall of Dom Uchenykh;
- Photographs;
- Exhibition of the wall newspapers "Oracle" (Orakul);
- Souvenirs with the symbols of the department;
15.00 - Official part, concert and congratulations from friends of the Department;
- A word from deans;
- Congratulations to the veterans of the department;
- Concert of "KBrD" and of all generations of alumni;
19.00 - Fourchette;
- Films about the Department;
- Discotheque.

If you want to participate or to make an address, please contact Nina Nidaeva at tel. +7(383-2)39-71-32 or by e-mail:

The number of places at the fourchette is limited. An invitation card costs 250 roubles. (Although there are unlimited number of 500-rouble tickets). You can order tickets by e-mail: or by the telephone: +7(383-2)39-75-81.

We would be very grateful for any kind of support.

Here are the bank requisites for money transfer in US dollars

Novosibirsk State University, Pirogova 2
Beneficiary Bank:
16, Prospect Lavrentieva
Novosibirsk, 630093, Russia
Intermediary Bank:
48 Wall Street, New York
Account 8900391529


  1. We kindly ask you to mark your money transfer exactly as
    "non-repayable and voluntary fee for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Mathematics Department of the Novosibirsk State University".
  2. We can use your money only if we receive an official letter from you in which you explain the purpose of your transfer. You may send this letter by fax +7(3832)39-71-01 or +7(3832)30-22-37.
    We recommend that you follow the samples in different formats:
    JPG, DVI, PS, PDF,

If you have any questions, please contact us via the Department's Office at tel. +7(383-2)39-75-81 or by e-mail:

Please communicate this information to your friends and alumni of the Mathematics Department.

Organizing Committee:

Sessions of the Organizing Committees are held on Wednesdays in the Department Office of the Mathematical Department.

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