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Forms of Collaboration:

  • Member of the Foundation

    Natural and juridical persons can be Members of the Foundation if they share its goals, admit the Charter, take part in activities of the Foundation, and affiliated as Members by General Meeting of the Foundations.
    Candidates should hand in an application (Russian only) to Executive Director of the Foundation.
    General Meeting considers the application and makes a decision not later than in 30 days.

    Entrance fees:
    - 100 000 rubles for juridical persons
    - 10 000 rubles for natural persons
    - 25 000 roubles each 6 months
    - 2500 roubles each 6 months.

    Fees are accepted at the cash desk or by bank transfer at the bank account not later that in 3 months after the decision on admission.
    Member's fees are paid at the cash desk either by bank transfer each 6 months since the decision on admission or since the state registration for foundation members.

  • The Klub of MMFriends

    The Klub of MMFriends -2003 (in russian)

  • Special Purpose Assistance of a project (in russian)
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