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Noncommercial partnership
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The Noncommercial Partnership MMF NSU Foundation was established by graduates of Mathematical Department in summer 2001 at time of its 40th anniversary.
The Noncommercial Partnership aims at consolidation of efforts of all people who are not indefferent to the state of affairs at the Mathematical Department!
Everybody who shares our views may become a Member of the Partnership .

The projects we started are becoming a reality and it depends on us only, whether our activity will be a powerful stream or a tiny brook.
All forms of collaboration are welcome!

Life separates us but we want to communicate with each other!!
Here are photos taken at the celebration of 40th anniversary of the Department ("Recognize yourself!");

We kindly ask the organizers of course meetings to contact us!!

We would be very grateful to you if you share this information with other graduates of the Mathematical Department of the NSU.
Send your proposals and suggestions at